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Mingtai Main Material for Aluminum Bottle Cover
- 2017-05-30 09:27 -
Aluminum bottle cover the main application areas are: cosmetic caps with aluminum, cans with aluminum cap, wine cover with aluminum, medical caps with aluminum and so on. In the aluminum bottle cap material production process of the material surface, plate and stamping performance has a very high demand.
Aluminum bottle cover material is widely used in the packaging of products, because aluminum has good oxidation resistance, the formation of a layer of aluminum on the surface of the dense oxide film, a good protection of the product's original physical properties, good sealing, To ensure that the product does not contact with the outside world. A simple introduction to several of our usual life in the aluminum bottle cover material.
For example: medicinal caps 8011 aluminum foil, mainly used in the infusion bottle closed port, the thickness of the range of 0.018-0.04mm, with good sealing, 5052 aluminum alloy cap material, mainly used in the cans of the cap On the 5000 series alloy to join the magnesium element, the hardness is relatively better than other alloys a little better, used in the cans, a good solution to the cans in the transport process caused by the deformation of the deformation, to ensure the appearance of the beautiful The In addition 3000 Series 3105 aluminum alloy is mainly used in cosmetic caps, coupled with the manufacturers in the appearance of the big work, make a different shape, painted bright colors, uncompromising attention, used in high-end cosmetics is also very Nice choice.
Henan Mingtai Aluminum can produce aluminum bottle cap material grades are 1060,8011 aluminum foil, 5052 aluminum, 3104 aluminum, 3105 aluminum, etc., and has been well-known domestic manufacturers and manufacturers to establish a good relationship, and constantly create business opportunities , To create a steady stream of value.