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Popularity of Mingtai 5052 aluminum sheet in aluminum industry market
- 2017-06-12 14:31 -
5052 aluminum sheet is the key product of the 5000 series aluminum alloy, which is the typical representative of the 5000 series alloy on the market at present. In the national market, Zhejiang, Henan and Guangdong have the most prosperous production and marketing of 5052 aluminum sheet. Among them, the Henan industrial area, with deep foundation and the advantages of industrial cluster, occupied half of the domestic market of 5052 aluminum sheet. Henan 5052 aluminum sheet sold nationwide, and exported many countries and regions in the world.

The production process of 5052 aluminum sheet in Henan represents the overall level of domestic aluminum processing industry. 5052 aluminum sheet is an important product of the 500 series alloy, and it has many years of experience in Henan. With the development of technology in recent years, there are more rolling production line in Henan and more manufacturers can produce 5052 aluminum. From the 1+4 hot rolling production line Mingtai aluminum breaking the monopoly of the market began, Henan aluminum sheet manufacturers have delivered fast, excellent quality, and the price of the market has been unanimously affirmed. With other manufacturers introducing hot-rolled production line, 5052 aluminum sheet gradually has improved the level of technology and even promoted the domestic aluminum production process of the 5000 series aluminum sheet again.
The 5052 aluminum sheet of Henan Mingtai aluminum, Yongtong aluminum and other factories exported to many countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Southeast Asia and Africa, They have become a powerful product of 5052 aluminum sheet facing the world stage.
The strength of 5052 aluminum sheet in Henan had a higher strength, good plasticity and corrosion resistance. But it cannot be applied. In the mold manufacturing, electronic equipment, auto parts and other fields, 5052 aluminum sheets are widely used. The quality of 5052 aluminum sheet win a great praise in domestic coastal areas and foreign markets, successfully refresh the cognition and understanding of the world for 5052 aluminum sheet.