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Introduction of Decorative Aluminum of Mingtai Aluminum
- 2017-06-17 10:16 -
Mingtai Aluminum as the leading aluminium sheet manufacturer, with the improvement of people's consumption concept, few people have simply pursued to the beauty of a decoration, only decoration to others, more consumers are looking for environmental protection and health. House as the attribute of living, people spend the longest time staying in the house, so the living environment get more and more people's attention. Decoration of the environmental protection is mainly reflected in the materials of environmental protection, followed by the construction of environmental protection, again is the design of environmental protection. In fact, environmental protection is the material, when the design is used aluminum alloy sheet, our room will be more environmentally friendly.

A few years ago, due to the less domestic hot-rolled production line, there are rare5754 and 5052 aluminum alloy sheet manufacturers, which can’t form a large-scale production, therefore, the market 5754 and 5052 aluminum alloy has been in short supply. Henan Mingtai "1 +4" hot-rolled production is put into operation, breaking through the market monopoly situation. Mingtai Aluminum 5052 aluminum alloy sheet with fast delivery, excellent quality, large scale quickly occupied the market.
Mingtai Aluminum, the domestic large-scale aluminum processing enterprises, Mingtai aluminum processing quality of 5052 aluminum alloy sheet received the recognition from the market, Henan Mingtai Aluminum is not only the backbone of the 5754 and 5052 aluminum alloy sheet in the market, but also large-scale production of large manufacturers.