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Trusted aluminum - Mingtai aluminum
- 2017-06-20 09:40 -
Aluminum, the word is now a household name, whether it is in the work or life are closely related to us, especially in the modern environment of this serious pollution, our life is more inseparable from the aluminum, not only because of aluminum in life And work to bring us a lot of convenience, there is more important is the aluminum it is a good energy-saving environmental protection materials, in this era of serious environmental pollution can be greater scale to achieve people's yearning for green life. Migntai metal products of aluminum are for the modern green life has made a great contribution. Because Mingtai metal products of aluminum gathered all the excellent characteristics of metal materials and good physical properties and mechanical properties and also are favored by the majority of new and old customers recognition. It is the best choice for aluminum material selection. Aluminum is light in weight and has good corrosion resistance. The resources of aluminum in nature are very rich. Aluminum is silver and white light metal. There is ductility; aluminum is more lively metal, not easy to be reduced. Aluminum is a light metal with good conductivity and thermal conductivity, high reflectivity and oxidation resistance are widely used. Eutectic electrolysis can be made of aluminum. Aluminum can be made of various aluminum alloys, such as hard aluminum, super hard aluminum, rust aluminum, cast aluminum and so on. These aluminum alloys are widely used in aircraft, automobile, train, shipbuilding and other manufacturing industries. In addition, the universe rocket, space shuttle, artificial satellite and so on. Now the aluminum is nowhere in, has been doing for the silence of human life to contribute. In many of the aluminum industry Mingtai aluminum is come to the fore, it is excellent price