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Aluminum material is the best choice for metal materials
- 2017-06-21 09:39 -
It is well known that aluminum is one of the most widely used metal products in modern metals. Because the blues aluminum material brings together the advantages of all the metal materials, then the aluminum material is also a variety of products, including aluminum rods is a kind of aluminum products, aluminum rod casting, including melting, purification, removal, degassing, Casting process. As an aluminum material, the application of aluminum rods is also very wide, it can be applied to aircraft structures, rivets, missile components, truck wheels, propeller components and other structural parts. In addition, aluminum rods are processed into coils, plates, plates, rods, wires, tubes and are often used in cooking utensils, utensils, daily hardware, surgical instruments, major electrical appliances, industrial equipment and as a vehicle and aerospace structure, Material aspects.

Mingtai metal products of aluminum material, light material, excellent processing performance, excellent welding characteristics and plating, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and deformation after processing, material density and no defects and easy to polish, color film easy, Excellent oxidation and other excellent features; and other fine features, much people's favorite and application. As well as with the corresponding development of the construction industry, making aluminum materials to become a new high point of development of building materials industry. Aluminum production in the non-ferrous metals industry accounted for the first in the entire metallurgical industry after the steel. In all industrial areas, including the aviation, aerospace industry, electricity, electrical industry, automobile and other transportation industry, instrument industry, chemical industry, food industry and construction industry, and even people's daily life, all widely used aluminum. In modern applications in order to improve the use of materials using aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy is divided into two types of deformation of aluminum and cast aluminum alloy. The deformation of aluminum alloy is an alloy of aluminum alloy extrusion, deformation aluminum alloy is through the stamping, bending, rolling, extrusion and other processes to its organization, the shape of the change in aluminum. Deformation of the excellent characteristics of aluminum is mainly: rust-proof performance is good, hardness is better, there is forging aluminum and super-hard aluminum and other fine features. Deformation of aluminum alloy its anti-rust performance is excellent, rust-proof aluminum to withstand the pressure processing capacity is very strong, can be applied to cold pressure processing to produce processing to strengthen. Its solderability is also very good, rust aluminum is used to make anti-corrosion and little force of the parts, such as tubing, fuel tank. Aluminum alloy in the hard aluminum alloy in a variety of hard aluminum can be aging strengthening, hard aluminum is currently the most widely used in the aviation industry, a class of deformation of aluminum alloy, aging hardening ability, heat treatment is often used after the high strength The production of aircraft in a variety of bearing components and so on. In the deformation of aluminum alloy is the highest strength is super-hard aluminum alloy. In fact, the strength of pure aluminum itself is not high, but after alloying, heat treatment, processing hardening and other methods to strengthen, the strength significantly improved, its strength can even exceed the strength of high-quality alloy steel. So it is the same weight in the case of parts, many aluminum than chromium steel can withstand greater load. There is also a kind of aluminum plate by a lot of people like the new aluminum is a kind of aluminum insulation, the aluminum surface of the rain, impact resistance, the appearance of diverse colors, it is highly decorative, long life is the aluminum. It can better reflect the architectural decoration personality. Fireproof, and fire resistance. Is a good new building materials products. In the selection of metal using the choice of cloth mingtai aluminum material is your best choice.