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Excellent performance of Mingtaitai aluminum products
- 2017-06-21 09:38 -
Aluminum has a wide range of applications and a series of excellent features, it is also to listen to more types, aluminum and other alloy elements of the manufacture of products is what we call aluminum. Mingtai metal products, aluminum gathered so the excellent characteristics of metal materials , Its wide range of applications, physical properties and mechanical properties of aluminum and aluminum alloy is easy to process into a variety of shapes, can adapt to a variety of connection process. Also it has been the most important non-ferrous metal varieties, one has good characteristics (Small density, good plasticity and good formability) and easy to recover, pure aluminum and aluminum alloy has become an important base material in household appliances. Aluminum products in daily maintenance, cannot use brushes and other hard objects as a cleaning tool, should choose soft Of cotton yarn and cotton. In the cleaning of aluminum products can be used when washing water, washing the spirit and soap, but cannot use other organic matter. Mingtai aluminum products have been much of the aluminum materials are much like people and the application of its price is moderate, excellent product quality. It is very suitable for a variety of consumer electronics and industrial applications of special. Nobelis offers a range of products for these applications. Norfolis brings the flexibility and speed to meet these rapidly growing markets, short product lifecycles and new product demand continues. Aluminum Applications Alternative Energy Applications Aluminum is used in wind power and solar power systems where aluminum is lightweight and conductive to provide lightning protection (the principle of Faraday cage) and is resistant to weathering and corrosion resistance is very important. Aluminum is easy and a variety of metals make up the alloy. Some aluminum alloys have a very good mechanical strength and weight ratio. Aluminum thermal conductivity than iron three times, the industry commonly used aluminum manufacturing a variety of heat exchangers, heat dissipation materials, home use of many cooking utensils are made of aluminum. Metallurgical industry, commonly used aluminum melting agent to melt refractory metal. In the aluminum by adding magnesium, made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, its hardness than pure magnesium and aluminum are much larger, and retain its light characteristics, commonly used in the manufacture of aircraft fuselage, rocket body; manufacturing doors and windows, Beautify the living room environment; manufacturing ships. High purity aluminum corrosion resistance is very good, widely used in chemical machinery and daily instrument manufacturing. Aluminum is widely used in the aviation industry, automobile industry, transportation machinery manufacturing industry and industrial construction and civil construction. Aluminum is still very good energy-saving environmental protection materials, Mingtai aluminum used in the manufacture of beer cans and beverage cans, this is because the aluminum light weight, can be recycled excellent features, colorful anodized coloring aluminum is an important building materials. Mingtai aluminum materials in the transport industry also has a wide range of applications, when the aluminum alloy after heat treatment, have a greater mechanical strength and toughness, for the manufacture of civilian and military aircraft; aluminum in the car can make the body weight reduction , Which can increase the load and save gasoline. Mingtai aluminum can also be applied to a wider range of applications; it is for the modern human life has made an invaluable contribution to the choice of aluminum on the selection of Mingtai metal products aluminum.