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Mingtai production of high-quality aluminum coil- aluminum cans build a new packaging market
- 2017-07-03 09:03 -
Since its launch in the 21st century, it has made great progress and has an absolute advantage in the world's beverage packaging market.
Aluminum cans and other packaging containers are more environmentally friendly, in terms of its containers, repeated recycling to reduce environmental pollution; on the use of materials, aluminum repeated use of effective saving of resources, the largest amount of cans for beer Cans, glass bottles slowly by aluminum cans banned.
5052 alum alloy coil price
Cans are divided into three parts: cans, cans, pull rings, each part of the aluminum are used to distinguish, Mingtai Aluminum currently produced cans with aluminum is divided into 3 series and 5 series aluminum alloy. 3 series is divided into 3004 aluminum and 3104 aluminum coil material, 3104 aluminum roll as part of the body with aluminum, the thickness of about 0.2-0.3mm between the 3004 aluminum plate as a lid with aluminum, the thickness of 0.25-0.45mm 5 series is divided into 5052 aluminum and 5182 rust aluminum material aluminum, 5052 aluminum and 5182 aluminum are used as a cover material, the thickness of 0.2-0.25mm between the 5 series is aluminum-magnesium alloy, there are very good Compressive strength and corrosion resistance, the general pull ring with 5182 material aluminum roll, pull ring inlaid on the lid as the use of the pull ring is the strength of the lid to open the top, so 5182 Juan is the most suitable, strong , Toughness is good, not easy to deformation and so on.
The number of aluminum cans is growing at a rate of 3% per year, so there is still a great demand for aluminum in the later period. Aluminum production from Mingtai cans will gradually increase to meet the needs of the market. Tel 0371-67898708.