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3003 aluminum sheet for sound box
- 2018-01-16 15:02 -
Home entertainment has gained a lot of attention today, many families want to set up a theater or karaoke television at home, for entertain friends or entertaining. Certainly, the sound box is an indispensable pars, and a good sound box makes the sound more fair-sounding. By the way, the sound box made of 3003 aluminum sheet not only improve the performance, but also makes the outward appearance more elegant.
The design and manufacturing principles of sound box is contrary to the instrument box (such as guitars, violins, etc.). sound box requires a high rigidity, no any resonance is best, thus the voice that speaker play is pure. Aluminum has a high rigidity, so the shell of aluminum sound box can be more thinner, even at a thickness of 4 mm, the rigidity of aluminum material is harder than the rigidity of woods. Aluminum sound box has a lager internal volume, is bigger than the traditional sound box, at a same size, aluminum sound box has a higher volume and a better bass effect  than others, moreover, aluminum sound box has a good performance in electromagnetic shielding and heat dispersion.
Mingtai Aluminum has a rich production experience over 20 years, with a variety of advanced production equipment.
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