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The wide application of 5052 aluminum alloy sheet
- 2017-02-28 09:53 -
5052 aluminum alloy sheet is AL-Mg alloy, which is widely used antirust aluminum sheet in the life. The 5052 aluminum alloy sheet produced by Mingtai Al has made a lot of achievements in the computer, fuel tank material and automotive parts. According to the different needs of customers, we can produce different requirements of aluminum sheet products.

  1. The chemical composition and production status of 5052 aluminum alloy sheet:
Chemical composition: Si: 0.25; Cu: 0.10; Mg: 2.2~2.8; Zn: 0.10; Mn: 0.10; Cr: 0.15~0.35; Fe: 0.40; Al: margin. The most commonly used state is H32, 0 state, H22, H16, H34, and state requirements are closely related to customer needs. According to the different requirements of customers, we set up different production processes to meet the maximum demand.
  1. The advantages of 5052 aluminum alloy sheet:
5052 aluminum sheet is mainly used for high plasticity and good weldability. 45% of the products are used in the computer panel, mobile phone shell, large computer shell and operating platform panels, etc. Requirements: appearance, flatness and mechanical properties. 40% for automotive parts, requirements: appearance, flatness and mechanical properties. 15% for street lamp bracket, solar powered support and desktop base (2 thick).
  1. The surface quality of 5052 aluminum alloy sheet:
The 5052 aluminium alloy sheet, in the production process and the final product, requires no indentation, no surface scratches, no color and other defects on surface quality, mechanical performance requirements of the 90 degree bending without cracks and oxidized surface without black silk. With the continuous progress of the times, the application of 5052 aluminum alloy sheet has been excavated. Mingtai aluminum does not fall in the trend of the pace and struggle forward.