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3104 aluminum alloy can be used as environmental protection material for aluminum cans
- 2017-10-20 09:34 -
As is known to all, most of the cans on the market are refined by aluminum alloy, in which the cans of cans are widely used 3104 aluminum alloy, according to statistics, 3104 aluminum sheet is one of the largest output of sheet metal products. 3104 cans tank with aluminum in the foreign product system is relatively mature, the rapid growth of domestic demand is still, with the enhancement of the economic level, the diversity of national consumption growth, the demand for cans packaging of goods more and more. 3104 cans cans aluminum market has great potential, but also the direction of aluminum processing enterprises.
The main reason for 3104 aluminum cans receiving great popularity lies in its unique advantages, on the one hand, the nature of stability is not easy to react with the products installed to ensure the safety of food, drinks. On the other hand, the material is lighter, this advantage can make aluminum cans packaging product quality is lighter, easy to transport, save costs.

As can upgrade production technology, the requirements for the surface properties of 3104 aluminum cans tank is also more and more high, the processing technology of 3104 cans tank Mingtai aluminum has been invested heavily in R & D upgrade.