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Aluminium sheet manufacturer interprets the 5 states of aluminum sheet
- 2017-02-28 10:40 -
As everyone knows, there are different aluminum alloys. In the choice of aluminum sheet, a lot of new customers according to their needs to choice alloy, but they often do not know that the same kind of alloy has the different status. If the customer in the purchase of aluminum sheet only knows the number of alloy but do not know the state of the aluminum sheet, they may be deceived when they encounter a bad business. Mingtai aluminum technical staff would explain the 5 states of aluminum sheet.

The basic status of aluminum sheet is divided into 5 kinds which are F, O, H, T and W. These 5 states represent the 5 treatment processes and stages of the aluminum sheet, and the performance and price of the aluminum sheet in different states will be very different.
The F state is also called the state of free processing. Mechanical and chemical properties of F state aluminum sheet is not clearly defined. The customers who purchase the F state aluminum sheet have special requirements on the performance of aluminum sheet. After the procurement, they will need their own work hardening and heat treatment, get the mechanical and chemical properties.
The O state is also known as the fully annealed state. The O state is not subdivided, and refers to obtain the lowest strength aluminum sheet after full annealing.
The H state is also known as the work hardening state, which represents the aluminum sheet which has been processed to improve the strength. The H state has a lot of subdivision states, such as the H18 state, and the first digit represents the process. The 1 is the work hardening, the 2 is not fully annealed after processing, and the 3 is the low temperature annealing after processing. Second digit represents hardness. The 1 is lowest and the 8 is the highest.
The T state refers to the heat treatment status of aluminum sheet, which indicates that the aluminum sheet is stable after work hardening. The T state from T0 to T10 has a subdivision state that represents a different process. In the T state, Tx51 represents the elimination of internal stress, such as the T6 state, after the elimination of internal stress, expressed as T651.
The W state refers to the state of solid solution heat treatment. the W state is an unstable state, which indicates that the aluminum alloy sheet is in the natural aging at room temperature after solid solution treatment. The W state indicates that the aluminum sheet is in the natural aging stage.