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Color coated aluminum sheet becomes a new weapon of the competition of manufacturers
- 2017-03-02 08:46 -
As an aluminum processing enterprise, we are very clear the market trends of color coated aluminum in recent years. Color coated aluminum sheet can be customized for the appearance of bright color. And whether it is exposed to the natural environment or indoor, its use is very extensive, so the color coated aluminum sheet is very popular.

The general base material of color coated aluminum sheet adopts 1000 series, 3000 series and 5000 series aluminum sheets, and the surface coating material is PE (polyester) and PVDF (Fluorocarbon) . PE coating is generally used in interior materials. Because of its superior properties, PVDF is often used as a surface coating for exterior color coated aluminum sheets. The color of color coated aluminum sheet can be colored according to the different needs of customers and application scenarios, The color coated aluminum sheet of Mingtai aluminum have superior quality. Therefore, it has been well received by the market.
The wide application of color coated aluminum sheet is a huge market opportunity for aluminum sheet manufacturers. Aluminum sheet manufacturers, with advanced technology and strong financial strength, get more orders and markets in the competition. And those small-scale manufacturers, whether they have technical strength or equipment performance , are difficult to compete with large manufacturers. As a large enterprise, Mingtai Al will also seize the opportunity to make more opportunities in the market.