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5083 aluminum sheet for air reservoir
- 2018-01-06 14:14 -
Recently, Henan Mingtai Aluminum won a big contract, an automobile manufacturer ordered 100 tons 5083 aluminum sheet for air reservoir.
As we all know, air reservoir is the gas storage device in automotive braking system, is used to store the gas from air compressor. Air reservoir consists of one cylinder and two shell cover. All the air reservoir are made of aluminum magnesium alloy and iron. At now, most of air reservoir  use the aluminum magnesium alloy, because aluminum magnesium alloy material naturally formed a layer of film on surface. This dense protective film protect the matrix form corrosion, it extend the service life of air reservoir and lighten the weight of car body, what’s more, aluminum magnesium alloy has a high stretching rate, and it will not easy to break.
The aluminum magnesium alloy that customer ordered is 5083-O model with a thickness of 2.9mm. According to international standards, the aluminum sheet has no many scratches and oil stains. After testing the samples from several suppliers, customer chosen Mingtai Aluminum. First, Mingtai 5083 aluminum sheet has a higher stretching rate. Second, the whole performance is more stable. Third, customer want a long-term purchase, and Mingtai is a large scale enterprises, has a large capacity, a good industry reputation and a cost-effective price.
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