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The common state of 5083 marine aluminum sheet
- 2017-03-03 09:08 -
5083 aluminum sheet is the main aluminum alloy of the Marine aluminum sheet, and is the main aluminum of shipbuilding. Because the ship is sailing in the sea or river throughout the year, it is necessary to resist rust. 5083 and 5086 antirust aluminum sheet are the common alloy of the boat deck.

In shipbuilding, the 5083 and 5086 aluminum sheets are often used in the hull, deck, deck, etc. But one of the most important is the underwater part of the hull. In particular, contacting with the sea throughout the year, the underwater part of the hull should be able to resist the corrosion of seawater and be durable. This part of products most commonly used is 5083H116 and 5083H321. The corrosion resistance of the two states is more adapted to the marine underwater environment than H111 and H112. Although the temperature of 5083 H116 and H321 Marine aluminum sheet is slightly different in the production process, the corrosion resistance is obviously better than the other states. Therefore, most of the domestic shipbuilding enterprises are also purchasing 5083H116 and 5083H321 products.
The 5083 aluminum sheet instead of the traditional steel plate, the average per ship saved about 8-100 tons of weight. The aluminum instead of steel, not only includes the hull and deck of ship parts, but also includes furniture, cabinets and other equipment.
Overall, 5083 aluminum sheet is still the mainstream of the Marine aluminum sheet. With the rise of ocean economy, aluminum processing enterprises in China 5083 ship will usher in the two period of rapid growth in domestic and international. All aluminum enterprises should seize the opportunity to improve the sales of 5086 Marine aluminum sheet for the long-term development of enterprises.