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6000 series aluminum sheets create new era for container freight development
- 2017-10-24 09:16 -
The integrated container and overlapping layers can be put in the special design of ocean-going vessels, providing more cheaply than air transportation service. General container ships can hold five thousand to eight thousand cases. The cargo container, in the process of air transport do not need to pack again, and can save the owner and the owner of the funds. Aluminum alloy container advantage is light weight, appearance beautiful, corrosion resistance, good elasticity, easy processing and handling fees, repair cost is low, service lifelong.

As early as in the 60 s of the last century, aluminum alloy has been used in the container. Companies such as American Fruehauf, Trailmobile pioneered in steel frame, container above tablet consists of extrusion forming of aluminum sheet. Due to the aluminum alloy can keep good performance in low temperature condition, and the aluminum is not with oil, natural gas and other chemical reaction, appeared at the same time, the price advantage is becoming more and more get general recognition of the related industry. At present, the aluminum sheet has become the mainstream of container production materials.
Container with aluminum mainly includes, 6061, 6061, 6351, 6005, 6063 and 6060 alloy, among which widely used is 6061, 6082 aluminum plate which account for more than 90% of usage. Products with high strength, good welding performance, is mainly used to do the flooring, fittings, threshold in the cabinet, forklift guide rail, to support beam, roof support beams, side aluminum plate and the fixed beam, the corner fittings, dressing, cold air in the cabinet door, frame and the door is the door hinge, etc.
Mingtai aluminum grope through constantly test and application verification, to 6061, 6082 aluminum alloy composition ratio optimization, as far as possible to improve the uniformity of alloy composition, to ensure the good surface quality, internal organization and help to improve its subsequent extrudability, improve performance and mechanical performance of welding aluminum plate before and after the end of uniformity. Mingtai production 6061 aluminum , 6082 aluminum sheet with the stable performance and excellent quality, best-selling home and abroad for many years, opened a new era of container freight.