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6061 aluminum alloy sheet for cars wheel
- 2017-12-16 16:34 -
6061 aluminum alloy sheet is a products that processed by cold treatment, widely used in high corrosion resistance and oxidation products, has a good usability and good service performance, with excellent interface characteristics and easy to coating, it can used in low-pressure weapons, wheels and aircraft joints.

  It is predicted that 18-inch diameter wheels will become the standard configuration of car's wheels. Many wheel manufacturer has already arrange the production line of 22-inch, 24-inch and above inch wheel, for the new demands of market. Large diameter wheels and tires combination is more elegance and modern than smaller diameter wheels and tires combination. Large and wide wheel rim expands the  contact area between wheel and ground, it increasing car's adhesion and friction, thereby to improve vehicle manipulation performance and safety, but it also accelerate tire wear. Wheels that using forging process and assembly technology can reduce the weight of about 20%, wheels can also use high-strength magnesium alloy or titanium alloy, but costs also increased.
  In order to reduce the noise from wheels, we can choose 6061 aluminum alloy sheet to produce spokes and rims, it will greatly reduce the noise and improve vehicle handling stability. We can use chrome, polishing, painting, dusting, installation of stainless steel or plastic hub cover, die-casting patterns, improve the design of the wheel such as ways to make the wheels more elegance. Spinning aluminum wheels has a good development momentum because of its good appearance, good performance, high security, material saving and other factors, and its advanced technology attracts many companies attention, is gradually transformed into a mass production.
  Henan Mingtai Aluminum has a "1+1" hot-rolled production line by independent research and development, is the solid foundation for the large-scale production of 6061 aluminum alloy sheet, Mingtai obtained "SGS automotive aluminum certification", as well as the ISO14000 international certification, our products exported abroad, and widely used in a variety of emerging industries.
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