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6061 aluminum alloy sheet for truck frame
- 2017-12-22 15:39 -
Truck is one of the important transportation on land, and for a truck, its frame is one of the most important basic parts, it bears all the weight of loading, and almost all the key parts are equipped on the top of frame. 6061 aluminum alloy sheet has a good performance in truck manufacture because of its own advantages.

The main element of 6061 aluminum alloy sheet are magnesium and silicon, is a alloy sheet that can processing by heat treatment, has a good formability, weldability, machinability. 6061 aluminum alloy sheet for truck is a high-quality aluminum alloy products that processing by heat treatment and pre-stretch, has an excellent processing and welding performance, a good corrosion resistance and electroplating, as well as a high toughness and a good oxidation effect, it is not easy to deform after processing.
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