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A brief introduction of mirror aluminum sheet
- 2017-03-05 10:12 -

In accordance with the low to high grade, mirror aluminum sheet can be divided into the extended mirror aluminum sheet, film aluminum sheet, polished mirror aluminum sheet, oxide mirror aluminum sheet etc. The mirror aluminum sheet produced by the Mingtai aluminum industry is a mirror surface aluminum sheet with high pressure, which is rolling after the high brightness polishing and polishing, and the reflective rate of finished product is about 85%-90%. This is a kind of high - end mirror aluminum sheet, and the general foreign mirror aluminum sheet is produced by rolling method.

The selection of mirror aluminum sheet according to the characteristics and positioning of the products, if you do high-quality mirror aluminum sheet, it is necessary to adopt the imported mirror aluminum, the aluminum mirror is still dominated by low-end products at home. The characteristic of domestic mirror aluminum sheet is not to protect the surface treatment, mirror rate will vary with time, the advantage is that the price is cheaper. Imported mirror aluminum sheet is characterized by stable reflectivity, and has two grades, which is 86% ordinary mirror and 95% super mirror, the price is more expensive than domestic. The best mirror aluminum sheet is in Germany and Italy, Japan's surface is not oxidized, is the standard specification sheet, and has a high loss. But its unique grain silk effects gain the good graces of electronic product shell manufacturers.
Application of mirror aluminum sheet is very extensive. It is widely used in the lighting lamp reflector and lamp decoration, solar heat reflective materials, interior decoration, wall decoration, household appliances, electronic products shell, panel furniture kitchen, car inside and outside decoration, signs, logo, bags, jewelry boxes and other fields.