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The advantages of Cellular aluminum sheet
- 2017-03-06 10:16 -
Cellular aluminum sheet is made of high strength aluminum alloy as the panel and the bottom sheet with adhesive is stuck in the air foil hexagonal honeycomb core, the rolling composite and applying a decorative or protective coating on the aluminum surface in a construction site design good size, shape and structure of customized processing high-grade aluminum decorative sheet structure. Aluminum foil produced by Mingtai has high strength, high durability and good surface performance .
Cellular aluminum sheet has light weight, good rigidity and high flatness. Cellular aluminum sheet are connected with each other as numerous I-beam are uniformly distributed and fixed on the plate surface. It is not easy to produce shear, not easy to deformation, the plate is more stable, excellent anti bending and anti-wind performance. Even large size cellular aluminum sheet can achieve good flatness. Weather resistance, corrosion resistance and pollution resistance is better, easy to clean and maintain. The fire and moisture-proof performance is better than other materials. After the national fire protection inspection organs detection of flame retardant can reach B1 level and above, in a humid environment, no mildew deformation etc.
Because the air layer in the cellular aluminum sheet is divided into a plurality of closed spaces by the honeycomb core. The air flow is prevented, and the sound wave and the heat are not easy to spread. At the same time, it can avoid the other metal plate in heavy rain and rain in the face on the big noise. And it has no light pollution, gentle color, rich colors and good decorative effect. It can be processed into a sheet, folded sheet, box shaped sheet, curved sheets of various shapes and fully meet the design ideas. Good workability, easy installation and quick. It has some advantages, such as recycling, saving resources and other advantages. The modern environment is very strict to the requirements of environmental protection, aluminum foil honeycomb processing material, and is a good material for the new century. The green quality is completely non-toxic, so that manufacturers in the production process, less unnecessary environmental protection program; in addition, the cellular aluminum sheet can diversification such as wood, aluminum sheet, gypsum board and natural stone. That can be made into cellular aluminum sheet. It is convenient to selection material.