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The 6061 aluminum alloy sheet has made the market striking
- 2017-03-06 10:28 -


Recently, the 6061 aluminum alloy sheet has been affirmed by many customers again. As aluminum processing enterprises in China, Mingtai aluminum has always been to "quality" as the concept of development, at the top of the fierce domestic aluminum processing market, especially the 6061 aluminum alloy sheet has been a focus of multi market.

In the Mingtai aluminum, the country's leading integrated production lines neatly arranged. In aluminum foil workshop, medium and heavy sheet workshop, every skilled worker is in the orderly production. The production capacity of Mingtai aluminum is strong, and the annual production capacity is over 400 thousand tons. Aluminum sheet, aluminum coil and aluminum foil are the important products of Mingtai Al in the market. In particular, 6061 aluminum alloy sheet as the representative of the aluminum sheet market, it is the star of aluminum products and has been well received by many customers. Since aluminum sheet from the Mingtai entered the market, it has been relying on fast delivery, high quality, good service, the reputation and the rapid expansion of the market share. At the same time, the focus of personnel training, focusing on the development of new products and new technologies, 6061 aluminum alloy sheet and other products as the core of the sheet is an important direction of the development of aluminum industry.
At present, the performance of 6061 aluminum sheet is stable and superior quality and widely used in mold manufacturing, hardware and machinery manufacturing. The 6061 aluminum alloy sheet is wear-resistant, durable, easy to process and no deformation in the processing production. It opened up a vast market in Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other provinces.
The technology of Mingtai 6061 aluminum alloy sheet is mature and the quality is stable. In the future, Mingtai aluminum will continue to serve customers with excellent technology and stable performance.