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The problems of aluminum sheet processing manufacturer in China
- 2017-03-06 11:16 -
China is a big country of aluminum processing. After years of development, we based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment. Through self-innovation, China's aluminum processing industry showed a thriving trend, but more and more small and medium-sized enterprises and the rise of the whole environment for aluminum processing industry has more and more problems, mainly in the following aspects:

1.    too much aluminum processing enterprises
There are too much Chinese aluminum sheet manufacturers. On the one hand, that results a large increase in aluminum sheet production, and results in excess capacity. On the other hand, the overall size of the aluminum sheet is small, the strength is not strong, it is not dispersed, and there is no modern aluminum processing industry group.
2.    the technical level of many aluminum sheet manufacturers is low
In many of the aluminum manufacturers, there are lots of factories in the low level of technology, obsolete equipment and low ability of independent bank. Although China has made great efforts to learn advanced foreign technology, the overall level is still weaker than that of developed countries
3.  aluminum products with low added value unreasonable structure
Because the technological level of many domestic aluminum manufacturers is not high, only the homogenization of competition in the low-end market price war to compete in the international market, many t only a few large enterprises can produce high value-added new products.