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Brief introduction of aluminum alloy sheet products
- 2017-03-07 10:24 -
Aluminum alloy sheet is in the process of adding various alloy elements in the aluminum sheet (main alloying elements copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, manganese, minor alloying elements such as nickel, iron, chromium, titanium, lithium, etc.) in order to improve the mechanical properties of aluminum sheet and chemical index. Aluminum alloy sheet has some special properties of pure aluminum veneer, which is widely used in special environment, such as ship, refrigerator, mould, aerospace equipment and so on.

Alloy aluminum veneer classification:
1.Alloy aluminum sheet according to the main alloying elements can be divided into 2000 series for Al-Cu alloy aluminum sheet(Al--Cu), 3000 series for the aluminum manganese alloy aluminum alloy sheet (Al--Mn), 4000 series for aluminum sheet (Al--Si), 5000 series for Al-Mn alloy aluminum sheet (Al--Mg), 6000 series for Al-Mg-Si alloy aluminum sheet(AL--Mg--Si), 7000 series for aluminum and zinc alloy aluminum sheet (Al--Zn--Mg-- (Cu)).
2. Alloy aluminum sheet can be divided into two elements according to the element of binary aluminum alloy sheet, ternary aluminum alloy sheet, quaternary aluminum alloy, multielement aluminum alloy sheet, and so on.
3, Aluminum alloy sheet can be strengthened by heat treatment can be divided into heat treatment strengthening aluminum alloy sheet and non heat treatment of aluminum alloy sheet. It can not be reinforced aluminum alloy sheet, only cold processing can be strengthened, and heat treatment can not be significantly enhanced.
Relevant technical standards:
Aluminum sheet with the national standard (GB/T3880-2006) is suitable for aluminum alloy sheet and strip of uniform standards. The main products of Henan Mingtai Al are1000-8000 series aluminum sheets, aluminum coil, aluminum foil and aluminum deep processing, after casting, cold rolling process, the product is widely used in construction, decoration, aircraft, ships, automobile manufacturing and other industries.