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The transformation of aluminum processing industry in China
- 2017-03-07 10:31 -
Since the 90s of last century, China's aluminum processing industry has experienced a rapid growth period. The domestic aluminum foil enterprise sales booming, blossom everywhere, showing a thriving market. However, in the rapid growth of the long-term development, China's manufacturing industry is also facing the plight of extensive development. At the same time, in the new era of environment, aluminum processing industry is also faced with all common problems, namely cost advantage decline and new competitive market test, therefore, the development of the "China manufacturing" and the enterprise's own demand, aluminum processing industry began to upgrade the road of innovation.
Aluminum processing industry is the traditional manufacturing industry, need to use a large amount of labor, repeated assembly, testing, packaging and other processes, with the rising cost of labor and human uncontrollable factors, the original enterprise human resources gradually reduced, to improve the consistency and standards of quality products, it is necessary to improve the automation and human the skills of equipment, in order to solve the current predicament of decreasing cost advantage.
In 2014, China's working age population fell by 5 million 600 thousand compared to 2011, manufacturing wages in the 3000-4000 yuan, much higher than in Southeast Asia and other countries. The cost advantage of China's manufacturing industry to the United States has fallen from 14% in 2004 to 4% in 2014. China's cost advantage is rapidly reduced.
Therefore, it is necessary to speed up the automation of enterprises, personnel skills, and effectively enhance the level of production and product quality to meet the new market competition and challenges. At the same time, China's aluminum processing industry must also get rid of the high input, high consumption of the extensive development model, to high-end, green direction of transformation. The strength of large aluminum enterprises can use their own advantages, the layout of the market in advance, adjust the product structure, the implementation of transformation and upgrading, and SMEs should be adjusted in time to meet the challenges and opportunities of the market.