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The properties and application of 5A02 aluminum sheet of Mingtai Al
- 2017-03-09 09:56 -
5A02 aluminum sheet in the past called LF2 aluminum sheet, now new standard called 5A02 aluminum sheet, it is AL-Mg series aluminum alloy, is a kind of antirust aluminum.5A02 aluminum sheet is widely used in the high intensity, especially with anti fatigue strength: ductility and high corrosion resistance, no heat treatment, the content of magnesium alloy the lower half, in the cold hardening plastic is good, when the plastic is relatively low because. 5A02 aluminum sheet has good corrosion resistance to cold hardening, suitable for use in the marine environment; good weldability, machinability, suitable for polishing.

The use of 5A02 aluminum sheet, more applicable to the highly plastic process requirements and good corrosion resistance of the welded structure or vessel, such as tank, catheter catheter type more gasoline and oil; and the light load parts, interior decoration items, vehicles and ships also use 5A02 aluminum sheet production; as many rivets or welding etc. 5A02 aluminum sheet with a wide range of applications, especially in the construction industry can not be separated from the alloy, is a promising market in the aluminum alloy.
5052 aluminum sheet is one of our flagship product of Mingtai Al 5000 series aluminum sheet, both from the customer orders inventory is still standing, 5A52 aluminum sheet is one of the relatively large yield products. But a lot of market order customers can not distinguish 5A02 aluminum alloy sheet and 5052 aluminum alloy sheet. In fact, in their chemical composition in Si, M N and Cr, there are very small differences but the other mechanical properties and chemical composition of most aspects are the same, so in most cases can be used to replace each other.