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8011 aluminum foil - the best choice for packaging products
- 2017-12-13 14:49 -
 The Series 8xxx of aluminum foil is widely applied in food packaging , and 8011 aluminum foil for food packaging is the one of the key product of Mingtai Al.. The 8011 aluminum foil from Mingtai Al. has many advantages, like clean surface, uniform color, glossy and without streaks and pinhole; with excellent moisture resistance, shading and high barrier capacity, it protect food from damage, Non-toxic and tasteless, safe and healthy.
The main area of food foil packaging:
1. chocolate and candy packaging. At present, chocolate packaging basically use the aluminum foil, as the increase of chocolate consumer market, the demand of aluminum foil also grows.
2. instant food and delicatessen packaging. For example, Instant noodles and local specialties. With the development of food market, this packaging has an optimistic prospects.
3. Dairy products packaging. Milk powder basically apply the aluminum-plastic composite packaging, and liquid dairy products mainly apply the aluminum foil tray.
4. tea and coffee products packaging. A considerable part of products are use the aluminum-plastic composite packaging, therefore this field is one of the important market for aluminum foil.