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8021 aluminum foil for ice cream
- 2017-12-30 11:27 -
The ice cream packaging not only play an important role in brand, as well as in quality. The packaging of cased ice cream chiefly are carton, plastic box and aluminum foil box. The carton  have been long used in ice cream, and still exist in the market now. Carton is coated with wax or a mixture of polyethylene and wax, it aims to improve the strength and moisture resistance, and usually enclose with a wood spoon. The carton packaging does not polluted the environment, is convenient and economical, but its strength is not strong enough, and easy to deformed.
Aluminum foil packaging solve these problem perfectly, it can reduce radiant heat, has a good reflex action for light, are able to printing with a variety of beautiful patterns in its flat surface, and it indeed attracts many customers.
8021 aluminum foil belongs to series 8, is one of the  most commonly used products for packaging. The surface of 8021 aluminum foil is a non-toxic packaging materials, is very clean and sanitary, no bacteria or microorganisms can grow on it, can contact with food directly. In addition, 8021 aluminum foil is an opaque packaging material, is a good packaging for those products that need to keep out of the sun, such as the margarine aluminum packaging. 8021 aluminum foil also has a good plasticity, is able to processed into various shapes and containers for products.
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