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The introduction of fuel tank material for 5000 series of aluminum sheet
- 2017-03-09 10:10 -
The fuel tank material of 5000 series aluminum sheet is used for 5000 series aluminum sheet. The 5000 series aluminum alloy sheet belongs to the commonly used alloy aluminum sheet, the addition of alloying elements is mainly magnesium, and the content of magnesium is 3%-5%, also known as aluminum magnesium alloy. The 5000 series aluminum sheet fuel tank material belongs to the hot rolling aluminum sheet. The 5000 series products of Mingtai aluminum industry use the production process of the continuous casting and rolling. It has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, weldability and deep oxidation performance. Therefore, in the automotive fuel tanks, aircraft fuel tank has a strong application advantage.

The materials needed for the production of the oil tank have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oil resistance, low shrinkage, high strength, low cost and so on. The main alloy brands of 5000 series aluminum sheet fuel tank includes 5083 aluminum sheet, 5754 aluminum sheet and the aluminum sheet, which are used in the automobile fuel tank and the airplane fuel tank. Due to the special purpose of the fuel tank, the requirement of alloy hardness is relatively high, and is generally HXXX alloy. 5000 series aluminum sheet in the transportation industry can not only do tank material, but also can be used as marine aluminum sheet. With the continuous development of China's aerospace industry and transportation, cars, ships and aircraft become an important means of transport, and the demand for the 5000 series aluminum sheet will be more and more.
The oil tank material production process of 5000 series aluminum sheet is generally more complex, the requirements of the equipment is relatively high, so the price is relatively high compared to ordinary aluminum. However, the 5000 series aluminum alloy sheet has high strength, and it has good machinability, corrosion resistance and welding performance. The production of the 5000 series aluminum sheet fuel tank will be customized according to the specific needs of customers. Mingtai aluminum cooperates with a number of well-known domestic enterprises, and its products received high comments by the industry.