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Interpretation of coloring process of color coated aluminum sheet
- 2017-03-10 09:57 -
The extensive application of aluminum sheet also gave birth to a lot of "two development" behavior, such as color coated aluminum sheet. To ordinary aluminum color can make aluminum sheet have a more beautiful appearance, so that the aluminum sheet has wider applications. In the production of color coated aluminum sheet to aluminum paint is high-tech technique, as a professional supplier of color coated aluminum manufacturer gave a simple introduction for everybody.

Oxidation of aluminum sheets should be carried out before we begin colouring the aluminum sheet. The aluminum sheet extrusion after corrosion resistance is not excellent, it needs to make aluminum after oxidation treatment had better performance. Strength of aluminum sheet can have more improvement, while aluminum anti-interference ability is stronger.
The coloring process of color coated aluminum sheet is as follows:
First of all, the pretreatment is needed. The use of external cleaning methods, the use of physical and chemical methods can be done. The most important thing is to expose the aluminum sheet substrate. This is conducive to the oxidation of the intact of the formed film will be fine. Pre disposal can also be used to deal with some mechanical equipment.
Secondly, it is anodic oxidation. The aluminum sheet substrate, after disposal, generates anodic oxidation reaction and then generated dense oxide film.
Finally, through the anodic oxidation, the oxide film will show a lot of film holes, sealing hole is to make these film holes closed, to avoid the oxide film is contaminated. This film is transparent, and is with adsorption, it will accumulate some metal salt in the hole, so you can show some original appearance in silver white, or outside of many colors.
The coloring process of color coated aluminum sheet is more complicated than these, if you are interested in the aluminum color process, then contact the Mingtai aluminum with color coated aluminum sheet of the demand.