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Henan aluminum sheet manufacturer to teach you how to prevent aluminum surface scratch
- 2017-03-10 10:19 -
The surface protection of aluminum sheet is very important problem, a lot of customer response that aluminum sheet surface is scratched due to improper handling, and seriously affect the appearance of aluminum sheet. Mingtai aluminum manufacturer helps you analysis of how to prevent aluminum surface scratch.

When placed in aluminum, preferably with soft felt separating aluminum and aids. This will be enough to reduce the damage that caused by the conflict between the two. In the course of transportation, it also needs to be handled carefully, don't put aluminum dragged on the ground.
Another factor will lead to the surface of the aluminum sheet is scratched, such as aluminum ingot containing impurities. The surface of the aluminum sheet produced in this way may have particles, when the two aluminum sheets stacked together, the uneven surface can scratch the addition of aluminum sheet, large manufacturers of more mature in the production process, the screening process and raw materials more strictly, the situation is less, which is why the products of regular factory more quality assurance.
Therefore, it is strongly recommended when customers in the purchase of aluminum sheet, looking for formal, large-scale manufacturers to cooperate, so that in terms of product quality and the late service is guaranteed.