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Analysis of the application of mold aluminum sheet
- 2017-03-10 10:05 -
Mold aluminum sheet refers to aluminum sheet in industrial production by injection molding, die casting or forging to produce a variety of models and tools. Mold aluminum sheet is the basis of industrial production process equipment, known as "the mother of industry". Mold market demand is huge, the vast majority of standardized products are required to mold. More than 75% of the rough processing of industrial products parts, more than 50% of the finished parts are required by the mold. The vast majority of plastic products are also formed by the mold. Mold is widely used in automobiles, home appliances, electronics, building materials and other industries, downstream demand. The rapid development of the downstream industry has brought huge demand for mold industry, and the demand for mold aluminum sheet is also increasing.

With the rapid development of automotive, home appliances, electronics and other industries, the demand for mold is rapidly increase. The downstream industry competition is fierce, and the demand for new products will be accelerated. The use of a single mold will shorten the time, and the mold industry market size will continue to expand.
Mold aluminum sheet is generally used in thick aluminum plate. The thickness of production of 5052 aluminum sheet, 5083 aluminum sheet, 6061 aluminum sheet, 6063 aluminum sheet can be 600mm, and the width can be 3000mm. We can meet the needs of a variety of mold industry. Products are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, furniture, sports equipment, household appliances and other products production.
The aluminum sheet has the advantages of excellent machinability, low density, high thermal conductivity and high conductivity. In addition, it also has the consistency and consistency of the structure and the performance, the size stability, the weldability, the silver luster after a long time, the corrosion resistance is strong. The new polishing equipment of Mingtai aluminum can reduce the surface treatment procedures before use, greatly improve the customer rate of finished products, and the plenty of raw material can shorten the delivery time, meet the customer's production cycle and provide a strong material support for customers in the brutal competition in the market.