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Main grades and properties of marine aluminum sheet of Mingtai aluminum industry
- 2017-03-11 09:58 -
Marine aluminum sheet refers to the aluminum sheet used in ship manufacturing. Due to the characteristics of low density, high strength Aluminum Alloy, it can enhance the hull strength and robustness while reduce the quality of the hull, so aluminum alloy sheets are widely used f in shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and other fields. So what are the main alloy grades of marine aluminum alloy sheet? What is the difference of different hull? Mingtai aluminum eliminated your confusion.

The aluminum sheet of the ship is mainly composed of 5000 series aluminum sheet, which is composed of 5052 aluminum sheets, 5083 aluminum sheets and 5454 aluminum sheets. 5000 series aluminum sheet is aluminum-agnesium alloy, its production process is more complex, and requirements of the equipment is relatively high, so the price is relatively high compared to ordinary aluminum sheet. 5000 series aluminum alloy sheet with high strength, after hot rolling treatment, has good machinability, corrosion resistance and welding performance, so it is the best material for marine aluminum sheet.
The marine aluminum sheet is divided into the marine aluminum sheet, the inland river ship aluminum sheet and the yacht marine aluminum sheet. Due to the different application of the corresponding aluminum sheet, the performance requirements are also different. The marine ship used by the 5083 aluminum alloy sheet, aluminum river ship with more than 5454 aluminum sheet, domestic boat boat park with aluminum 5052 aluminum sheet is more suitable. Generally speaking, according to the characteristics of the ship, the aluminum sheet used for shipbuilding is a super thick aluminum sheet, and the state of the alloy is mostly H state.
At present, the domestic production of 5000 series of marine aluminum sheet manufacturers are not many, for various types of ship manufacturing and production of the corresponding alloy aluminum sheet processing and production equipment has a great demand. The 5083 aluminum sheet and the 5086 aluminum sheet of the 5000 series aluminum sheet of the aluminum industry have obtained the international Norway classification certificate, and obtained the official approval. Other 1000-8000 alloy aluminum sheet can also be based on customer specific application areas and the performance requirements of aluminum production, to provide customers with a full range of services.