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High quality 5754 aluminum sheet manufacturers: Mingtai aluminum
- 2017-03-11 10:00 -
In the 5000 series aluminum strip, the high-quality 5754 aluminum alloy sheet, ,because of its excellent performance, after different heat treatment conditions, is main materials used for canning industry and the automotive industry (car door, mould, seals). Henan Mingtai aluminum as the domestic high-quality 5754 aluminum sheet manufacturers in the product quality has been strictly controlled, and the quality of the product ensures 100%.

5754 aluminum sheet belongs to the aluminum alloy of the 5000 series, the alloy strength is high, and after hot rolling processing, has the good workability, the corrosion resistance and the welding performance. However, due to its complex processing technology, it needs for higher technical requirements, so the price is relatively high. Domestic manufacturers of high-quality 5754 aluminum sheet is relatively few, or because the 5754 aluminum sheet had the high production technology and production equipment, production technology of most domestic aluminum manufacturers have a large gap with the advanced countries.
5754 aluminum sheet is widely used in tank body aluminum sheet, mould aluminum sheet and automobile aluminum sheet, mostly are used in transportation field. With the development of aluminum processing industry as well as the main industrial production base in China, the market prospect of 5754 aluminum sheet will be better and better.
At present, the domestic aluminum manufacturers have a lot. The main force of small and medium-sized manufacturers of aluminum sheet is aluminum production, but the quality of large aluminum sheet manufacturers is not many, mainly in Henan Mingtai aluminum and Chongqing Southwest Aluminum. As one of the 5754 aluminum sheet manufacturers, its related technology has matured, and can meet the diverse needs of different industries, different customers to provide customized products for customers.