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The manufacturers of 5083-h116 aluminum sheet
- 2017-03-11 10:06 -
5083-h116 aluminum sheet is the key product of 5000 Series marine aluminum alloy sheet. 5083 aluminum sheet has excellent corrosion resistance, weldability, and high strength. According to the performance of the part of the difference, 5083 aluminum sheet is divided into 5083-h111, 5083-h112, 5083-h116 aluminum sheet, etc. These are the common use of 5083 marine aluminum sheet, which is a typical representative of h116 aluminum sheet.

5083-h116 aluminum sheet in the process can be used to enhance the corrosion resistance of anodic oxidation, but also can increase the decorative effect. Since the 5083-h116 aluminum sheet is also a high magnesium alloy, it is also very limited in use and not heat treatment. The most common applications are large vessels, containers, light rail structures and lifts.
5083 aluminum sheet in the emerging markets have a bright market prospects. Especially in today's world countries, they have a huge impact on marine economic strategy. 5083-h116 aluminum sheet is not only light quality durable, lasting effect of corrosion resistance to replace some of the needs of marine steel sheet. At the same time, the new research in the large aluminum sheet instead of steel demand is constantly released. With the development of technology and the development of marine aluminum sheet manufacturers, in the marine market, the proportion of aluminum sheets instead of steel will be greatly improved, and the global demand for the marine market will also be gradually developed.
As a new product in the field of marine, 5083 H116 aluminum production standards are very strict. This is not only reflected in the complex production process and strict production standards, and must also be certified by domestic and worldwide license. When all 5083-h116 aluminum sheet manufacturers enter the marine market, they must be certified by the classification society, and the international market needs to be certified by the Norway classification society.
From the point of view of domestic aluminum processing industry, only part of the strength of strong large-scale manufacturers currently have obtained certification license and approval certificate of ship market, such as Chongqing Southwest Aluminum and Henan Mingtai aluminum. These manufacturers, in the production equipment, technology level and so on, are among the forefront of the domestic manufacturers of aluminum, and are first choice of the corporate procurement and consulting preferred.