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The depth analysis of 6061 aluminum sheet market
- 2017-03-13 10:06 -
With the rapid development of aerospace, transportation rolling road and the cost reducing, more and more industries on the hardness and welding materials have more and more demands. 6061 aluminum sheet gradually has replaced the imported 6061 aluminum sheet. In recent years, domestic demand soared, there are more and more manufacturers.

In recent years, the involvement of Mingtai aluminum pushed the 6061 aluminum sheet into a climax. Mingtai aluminum not only developed a sheet of more than 8mm, in addition to the configuration of equipment and quenching line drawing machine, the main propulsion type polishing sheet, in addition to the sheet below 8mm to achieve the ultimate. Mingtai polishing sheet went into the market, the appearance of a sudden attracted traders and customers. Zhejiang aluminum sheet has been the traditional blackboard surface, but when the birth of Mingtai 6061 polished sheet, the market has also been caused a impact.
Mingtai aluminum although wins the competition in the market and manufacturers, due to technical problems, such as roughness, thickness tolerance, has not completely dominate the market. But Mingtai 6061 aluminum sheet, from entering the market, has won the market recognition. Not only it has flat plate, stable performance and the thinnest is 0.6MM thickness, which replaced part of the import board. The most important thing is that the 6061 aluminum sheets fill the gap, and the product has been in short supply.
With the weak market demand in 2015, in addition to many manufacturers are moving toward the 6061 aluminum sheet market, each region has emerged cheap, low end of the 6061 aluminum sheet. Many factories purchase blank and simple equipment and product low-end products. However, due to the low requirements of some customers, the price is cheap and these small factories also to some extent to seize a part of the low-end market
Another part of the 6061 aluminum sheet manufacturers have an ulterior motive aimed at the market. The sheets price through the market is uneven purification. A case study of an enterprise in Jiangsu, he was based on the Mingtai aluminum industry, purchased two small billet, rolling mill and small workshop quenching, although the quality far less than Mingtai aluminum, the price is more favorable, and seize part of the low-end market.