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Aluminum alloy sheet manufacturers to introduce how to produce high quality aluminum alloy sheet
- 2017-03-13 10:14 -
Aluminum alloy sheet is widely used in modern industrial production. In the market, there are 3000 series alloy aluminum sheet, 5000 series aluminum alloy sheet and 6000 aluminum alloy sheet, and applications include shipbuilding, auto parts, architectural decoration, metal parts and many other fields. It can be said that aluminum alloy sheet is an important product of aluminum products and is also the focus of the aluminum sheet manufacturers to build a series of products.

As the aluminum alloy sheet is very important, the market competition has been very intense, all levels of aluminum sheet manufacturers are trying to produce more quality products, and the quality of the alloy aluminum sheet is not all manufacturers can complete. Mingtai aluminum explains how to make high quality aluminium alloy sheet.
1.    Aluminum alloy sheet technical team
Aluminum alloy technical team is the guarantee of the quality of aluminum sheet, there is no excellent team of technical support on the processing technology innovation, and it is difficult to produce high quality aluminum alloy sheet. Therefore, the construction of technical team is the strength of the size of the aluminum foil manufacturer core competitiveness. For example, Mingtai established: A team of Academicians: the first aluminum foil and foil technology research center. This technical strength in both domestic and international is a leading position.
2.    Production equipment for alloy aluminum sheet
The production process of aluminum alloy sheet can not be separated from production equipment. To do good work must first sharpen his tools, to the production of quality products must devote more resources to the construction of high-quality production line. Take Mingtai aluminum, the use of aluminum sheet is an international first-class SIEMENS control system, not only is also the first to introduce the world's leading stretch bending straightening machine column. Under the conditions of this equipment, the production of aluminum alloy is certainly better than many peers.