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Application of 6000 series aluminum alloy in automobile body aluminum
- 2017-03-14 09:58 -
The main material of automobile body is 6000 series aluminum alloy. 6000 series aluminum alloy is a kind of alloy which can be treated and strengthened. The alloy has the advantages of moderate strength, good formability, corrosion resistance, easy coloring and excellent comprehensive performance. The most important feature is that it can be delivered in a state of low yield strength after quenching treatment. It have good ability of stamping forming, and can obtain the further strengthening in the baking process.
At present, Europe and the United States mainly based on the 6000 series aluminum alloy for the development of automotive body aluminum, especially the automotive exterior panels, such as car cover, rear luggage and body components. In order to regulate the market of aluminum alloy sheet for automobile body and guarantee the quality of production, the main alloy grades that the aluminum alloy for automobile body are 6061 and 6181A.

Mingtai aluminum as the domestic aluminum processing leading enterprise in 12 years began the implementation of ISO/TSI16949:2009 certification. The certification is a prerequisite for automobile production and related accessories used in automobile production supply market. After the strict examination of SGS, in the end of 2014, it obtained the ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system certification certificate of SGS certification body.
At present, the company has reached a preliminary cooperation intention with a number of large domestic car industries, the future will be in-depth cooperation in the automotive aluminum sheet. The rapid development of the aluminum sheet will usher in a brighter tomorrow for Mingtai Al.