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Advantages of aluminum alloy air case
- 2018-02-27 13:22 -
If we use the traditional wooden box, the high-tech products cannot be effectively protected during a long-distance transportation, and the new alternative transport packaging-aluminum alloy air case is address this drawback perfect. The aluminum alloy  air case has a wide range of applications because its advantages, and the aluminum alloy air case has been taken to more wider fields, and it enjoys a great popularity among people.
The aluminum alloy air case is widely used in equipment transportation, multimedia of audio-visual system, stage lighting equipment, military transport industry, opto-electronic industry and other high-tech fields. The aluminum alloy air case can provide a more effective protection during the transportation of long distance or short distance.
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1. external structure
The outer case is made of the high intensity multi-layer plywood that paste with ABS fire-proofing board; and the sides of the air case are made of the high thickness and strength aluminum alloy; each corner of the case is wraps with the high-strength metal wrap angle, then fixed with the alloy aluminum margin and plywood, with a superb leak-tightness; the bottom of the case is made of the PU wheel of high bearing ability and strong abrasive resistance.
2. internal structure
The case can be installed clapboard according to the characteristics of products, the inner side and clapboard of case are paste the soft EVA composite material, this material has a light weight, and the function of shock-proof, moisture-proof, flame-retardant, anti-oxidation and so on.