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Advantages performance of Comparison between 1000 series aluminum to 3000 series aluminum - taking 1
- 2017-10-24 09:11 -
Many people think that the performance of 1100 aluminum sheet is similar to 3003 aluminum sheet, for the difference between them; they will use 1100 aluminum plate in the place of 3003 aluminum . However, is it really right that 1100 aluminum  can take place of 3003 aluminum sheet? Then, Mingtai aluminum will make a contrast them with our whole heart.

1100 aluminum is also called pure aluminum plate, with aluminum content up to 99%, and cannot be heat treatment. Due to the low strength of the 1100 aluminum sheet, it is not appropriate to use aluminum as a structural material which is subjected to a larger load. If you add some other elements in the aluminum, such as copper, magnesium, zinc, manganese and other formulations into aluminum alloy plate, the strength will be greatly improved.
3003 aluminum sheet, also known as aluminum-manganese alloy aluminum plate, because of the possession of manganese, the rust-proof function to increase, also known as its rust-proof aluminum. Processing, forming, welding, corrosion are higher than 1100 aluminum, 3003 aluminum is commonly d in ships, car fuel tanks, aircraft plate welding parts.

In summary, 1100 aluminum plate its performance, composition, etc. are different from the 3003 aluminum, so 1100 aluminum plate cannot replace 3003 aluminum!