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Aluminum alloy sheet rolling products, characteristics and quality requirements - Mingtai Aluminum
- 2017-09-11 08:54 -
Aluminum alloy sheet is the main product of aluminum, mainly used in cans, car aviation, PS version of the building, curtain wall and so on. Among them, aluminum cans for 3104,3004 and other alloys, tank material for the 5083,5182 aluminum alloy. Aluminum cans material requirements are very strict, requiring intrinsic quality, deep drawing performance is good, while a very good surface quality, hot rolling finishing temperature is high, basically above 320 ℃, cold rolling thickness of 0.28--0.32mm, thickness tolerance And plate and other requirements of high.

PS version with electrolytic grinding plate commonly used 1050 aluminum alloy, domestic and foreign brush grinding plate often used 3103 aluminum alloy. PS plate on the aluminum plate quality requirements are high, the apparent quality of aluminum plate, flatness, thickness difference will affect the PS version of the sand and other quality indicators, printing on the PS version of the high quality requirements, especially high-grade color printing Requires the plate does not allow a little ills, to ensure the quality of the printing plate, PS board with the apparent quality of aluminum is the most important.
Automotive aluminum alloy sheet, especially the outer plate is the aluminum alloy sheet production in the top products, the current aluminum alloy car plate has two main series, 5xxx and 6xxx series, 5xxx aluminum alloy with moderate strength, good processing performance, 6xxx aluminum alloy has good formability, high strength and other characteristics, in its research and development focus on its shape, surface glossy uniformity, surface treatment and other performance requirements of 7 points.
Aluminum oxide board is widely used for ceiling, curtain wall panels, electrical panels, furniture panels and other, aluminum plate with a strong decorative, moderate hardness, no need for complex surface treatment and other characteristics, alumina sheet 1xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx series alloy more, 1xxx alloy in the bright and protective oxidation has good characteristics, 6xxx anodized coloring, suitable for building decoration materials.
Aluminum alloy sheet in addition to the performance and other aspects of their own high requirements, the quality of the strip surface of the high requirements of the surface defects such as injury, scratches, marks, pine, metal and non-metallic pressure, oil , Annealing oil spots, color, bright, orange peel and so have a clear requirement and requirements, which also on the process of lubrication technology put forward higher requirements.