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Aluminum coil manufacturers contribute to aviation development
- 2017-07-13 09:20 -
Aluminum coil manufacturers contribute to aviation, China is the world's aviation power, with advanced aviation equipment such as satellites, transport rockets, as well as the current development of various aircraft, we can say that the rapid development of China's aviation industry is the main factor to promote aluminum industry development.
Aluminum coil with low density, high hardness characteristics, in the aviation equipment, aircraft, missile manufacturing is an indispensable raw materials, so in the aluminum belt with the total extension of the aviation aluminum. And for the precision and high demand for aviation aluminum is to promote China's high-grade aluminum strip development of the main conditions. For the manufacture of domestic aircraft and satellite equipment manufacturing is selected independent research and development of China's special aluminum products.
In terms of civilian, China's low-grade alloy aluminum belt has a greater advantage, the current domestic small and medium-sized civilian aluminum production enterprises nearly a thousand. It can be very good to meet the domestic and international market for medium and low alloy aluminum manufacturers’ demand.