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Aluminum extrusion for bridge construction
- 2018-01-02 14:14 -
Aluminum extrusion is one of the best structural materials for the building of bridges and pontoons, especially for pontoon, aluminum extrusion is the preferred material, because aluminum extrusion has many advantages.
1.Low density
The density of aluminum extrusion is about 2.7 g/cm3, and the density of aluminum extrusion is about 1/3 of steel. The strength performance of series 6xxx aluminum alloy is comparable with low-carbon steel, so its specific tenacity and specific stiffness are far more than that of steel.
2.Strong corrosion resistance
Rainwater, seawater, salt form road and mud does not corrode the aluminum bridge, especially for the series 5xxx aluminum alloy, we no need to painting and maintenance routine after construction. Smithfield Street Bridge is an aluminum bridge, it’s been 84 years  that he serve people and never fading charms.
3. Good toughness
Has a good expand ability of anti-fatigue crack, no rheotropic embrittlement. The strength and plasticity of aluminum alloy will enhance when temperature drops, 90% of steel has rheotropic embrittlement, so the aluminum alloy is the best material for bridge in alpine region.
4.Good extrudability
A good extrudability is very important for bridge. The a good extrudability material is able to produce what designer want, like hollow profile, its complicated section can greatly enhance the load ability.
5. environment-friendly
Aluminum is one of the best metallic materials for recycling economy. The aluminum bridge does not corroded during usage period, has a great economic and social benefits.