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aluminum lifting machinery-the best lifting machinery
- 2018-02-24 14:47 -
the aluminum lifting machinery is using the aluminum alloys material of high-quality, with a high intensity, a light weight, a small size, a flexible operation and a beautiful shape, it is very convenient, safe and reliable.
aluminum lifting machinery can exert a higher lift capacity whether in construction or civil engineering, and it is inseparable lifting machinery in daily life. The aluminum lifting machinery is widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, railway stations, theater, exhibition hall and other places.
aluminum sheet price
Here is the daily maintenance of the aluminum lifting machinery:
1. check the roller, countershaft, bearings, cylinder pin and so on, and check the abrasion and lubricity of boom hinge shaft and bearings.
2. Fill the components with lubricants to extend bearing life.
3. Check the quality of hydraulic oil and the oil level, the hydraulic oil capacity should be above the tank bottom about 40-50 mm, and we must replace the hydraulic oil timely when the hydraulic oil color got dark, sticky, or the oil stained with grit and other foreign objects.