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Aluminum prices are no longer the main reason for limiting aluminum applications
- 2017-11-03 09:39 -
There has been a period of time, aluminum as a good performance of metal materials, are optimistic about the industry, but because the price of aluminum is too high, greatly limits the application of aluminum; with the development of electrolytic aluminum in the country, aluminum production capacity in In recent years, the rapid expansion, followed by the aluminum prices continue to decline, cost-effective increase. Today, we can be very clear that the price of aluminum is no longer a major factor in limiting the application of aluminum.
Through continuous expansion, China's aluminum production capacity has been ranked first in the world, we can proudly said: China is the largest producer of aluminum production capacity. But the big may not be strong, China's aluminum market want to become mature, still need customers the following difficulties:

1, so many people make a profit in troubled situation
Because of the rapid development of the aluminum market, huge business opportunities to attract a large number of investors, many people are holding the psychological speculation into the industry, seeking a short period of time to maximize the benefits, rather than long-term interests. So the industry intrigues, many companies shoddy, real ones, leading to the domestic aluminum market foul, customers generally do not trust the domestic aluminum manufacturers.
2, aluminum manufacturers generally small volume
Compared with Europe and the United States and Russia and other countries of the aluminum manufacturers, China's aluminum manufacturers generally small scale, although blossom everywhere, seemingly lively, but often several companies capacity, do not have the size of a family. Small scale, means that R & D strength is weak, can not compete with foreign counterparts, can only rely on price war, by lowering the price of aluminum to seek market share.
3, the lack of production of high-end aluminum technology
At present, many domestic manufacturers use imported aluminum production equipment, the widespread use of Europe and the United States out of the production line, can only be processed ordinary 1,3,5,6 aluminum, aluminum prices are not high, low profit margins; and many industries, such as military, aerospace , Aviation, etc., still need a large number of imported foreign aluminum, a lot of profits by foreign manufacturers to earn.
4, homogeneous competition, profit decline
A serious excess capacity, coupled with the high degree of homogenization of products, so that China's aluminum market competition environment is harsh, manufacturers in order to survive, had to hit the price war, resulting in profit margins decline in recent years, more nearly half of aluminum manufacturers losses.
The above points, has replaced the aluminum price factors, as China's aluminum plate industry to limit the development of the most important factor.