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Aluminum recycling has been paid much attention by the community
- 2017-11-13 09:12 -
With the development of society and economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people's quest for quality of life is also on the increase. Among them, the demand for aluminum products is also increasing, and the environment quality is getting more and more attention. While people continue to exploit the limited resources on the earth, they are also aware that many resources are already depleted and their pollution is getting more and more serious, and the recycling of various resources is becoming more and more important. Traditional metal recovery rate is low, the cost is high, but the aluminum can be recycled several times, bringing hope to future generations.
So how much aluminum recovery in the end it? I have read a lot of information and data. According to the statistics, recycled aluminum accounts for more than 50% of the aluminum industry in the world, while China accounts for 30%. The success rate of pure aluminum recovery up to 100%, and the technology is simple, lower cost, less pollution, by many scrap aluminum recycling manufacturers welcome. Although the composition of aluminum alloy plate is more complex, but now advanced modern equipment operation, whether it is artificial separation or machining can improve the purpose of comprehensive utilization, it has a higher economic efficiency, but also no secondary pollution without dust The processing, but also made a contribution to environmental protection.
At present, many developed countries have begun to attach importance to the recycling of aluminum, but also have a complete system for collecting, managing and sorting waste aluminum. In order to meet the market demand, developed countries have introduced new technological innovations such as low-cost continuous Smelting and processing technology, low-grade scrap aluminum upgrade process. Especially in our country, we have begun to attach importance to the development of aluminum recycling industry. In order to strengthen the supervision and management of environmental protection, we have started to encourage enterprises to implement mergers and acquisitions, increase support for small and medium-sized renewable non-ferrous metal enterprises, and improve industrial development policies.