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Aluminum sheet for the parts of electric vehicles
- 2018-01-03 16:12 -
As the core components of electric vehicles, battery has been regarded as an important landmark in the development of electric vehicles, as well the bottleneck that restricting the development of electric vehicles. The performance of battery can determine the recharge mileage of the electric vehicles directly, and the security issue is the most important, we have heard about the spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles, so we need to understand well about its ore components before buying.
There are two main opportunities that new energy brings for aluminum processing enterprises. One is to expand the use of aluminum, car frame, tank and other main parts are start to use aluminum profile; the second opportunity is 3003 aluminum sheet and strip are widely used in battery, it increasing the demand of aluminum, and it is a great opportunity that aluminum processing enterprises to seize the new energy market.
The main method that achieve vehicles lightweight goal is to use aluminum sheet, as well as to achieve energy-saving emission reduction, environmental and other effects. At present, aluminum sheet is widely used in body, chassis, wheels, power battery, seats and others, such as 6061 aluminum sheet is used in car’s body, 5083 aluminum sheet is used in tank, and the seats are use the series 2xxx and series 6xxx aluminum sheet.
Mingtai engaged in aluminum processing since 1997, our products covering 8 series, has a technical team with 313 experts, is a aluminum coil manufacturers with mature technology, has an advanced "1+4" hot-rolled production line by independent research and development.
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