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Aluminum wire drawing is one of the best materials for automotive lightweighting
- 2017-10-13 09:20 -
Aluminum wire drawing is a repeated use of sandpaper to scrap the aluminum plate manufacturing process, the process is divided into de-ester, sand mill, washed three parts. In the aluminum wire drawing process, the anode treatment after the special film technology, can make the surface of the aluminum plate containing a metal composition of the film layer, clearly show every fine silk marks, so that metal matte glowing fine hair Silk luster.

(1) significant weight loss benefits
In order to reduce the car's own weight, one is to improve the car's structural design, the second is the use of lightweight materials manufacturing. So far, the car structure design is not much breakthrough, so only in the selection of materials to make changes in the manufacture, whether it is large to the car's shell or small to the car accessories, will be preferred light weight materials. The aluminum material because of the rich resources, with the development of the power industry, will make the rapid increase in aluminum production, the corresponding decline in the cost of which alumina plate is also a combination of light and solderability, corrosion resistance and high recovery, Therefore, aluminum wire drawing is one of the most ideal materials for automotive lightweighting.
(2) considerable energy saving effect
Reduce fuel consumption One of the most effective patriarch is to reduce the weight of the car, aluminum drawing material in the car on the large number of use, just to meet this point.
(3) reduce air pollution and improve environmental quality
In the vehicle weight loss at the same time, but also reduce the carbon dioxide emissions, while nitrogen, sulfide and other emissions will be reduced accordingly, which can greatly reduce environmental pollution and improve environmental quality.