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Anodized aluminum sheet advantages
- 2017-09-26 09:05 -
Metal material in the electrolyte solution, through the external anode current to form the surface of the oxide film of a material protection technology. Also known as surface anodization. Metal materials or products after surface anodized, the corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance, insulation, heat resistance, etc. have greatly improved. The most widely used anodized metal material is aluminum. Aluminum anodic oxidation is generally carried out in acidic electrolytes, with aluminum as the anode.
In the electrolysis process, oxygen anions and aluminum to produce oxide film. The formation of this film is not enough fine, although there is a certain resistance, but the electrolyte in the negative oxygen ions can still reach the aluminum surface to continue to form oxide film. As the film thickness increases, the resistance becomes large, so that the electrolytic current becomes small.
At this time, the outer layer of the oxide film in contact with the electrolytic solution is chemically dissolved. This oxide film achieves the maximum thickness under this electrolysis parameter when the velocity of the aluminum surface is gradually equilibrated with the rate of chemical dissolution. Aluminum plate for anodizing, aluminum anodic oxide outer layer porous, easy to absorb dyes and colored materials, which can be stained to improve its decorative. Oxidation film and then by hot water, high temperature water vapor or nickel salt closed treatment, but also to further improve its corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
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