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Application of 5083-h111 aluminum sheet
- 2017-08-31 09:34 -
The main alloying element in the 5083 aluminum alloy is magnesium with good corrosion resistance and weldability, and medium strength and excellent corrosion resistance.  5083 aluminum alloy is widely used in marine vessels, as well as automotive, aircraft welding parts, subway light rail, resistant to strict fire pressure vessels (such as liquid tankers, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated containers) refrigeration equipment, drilling equipment, transportation Equipment, missile parts, armor and so on.

H111 is 5083 aluminum plate attached to the label for the aluminum alloy, generally only after the original type of heat treatment after the different hardness of the division criteria, and the main model is not much relationship. H1, H2 and H3 status code and then an Arabic numerals indicate the degree of hardening. The numeral 8 indicates the final tensile strength obtained by about 75% of the cold deformation (the processing temperature does not exceed 50 ° C) after complete annealing. O states and numbers 8 are represented by numbers 1-7, respectively. (HX4); the final tensile strength is the intermediate value of the O state and the HX4 state, and is expressed by the number 2 (HX2); the final resistance to the HX4 state is the middle value of the OX state and the HX4 state, When the tensile strength is the middle value of the HX4 state and the HX8 state, it is indicated by the number 6 (HX6). When the minimum tensile strength exceeds the HX8 state by at least 10 MPa, it is indicated by the number 9 (HX9). HX code after the number is odd, that its strength is adjacent to two even state of the arithmetic mean.