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Automotive aluminum engine selection of Mingtai aluminum
- 2017-09-27 08:54 -
Speaking of the car engine, the importance of the car, but the equivalent of people's "heart". So when buying a car, we are more emphasis on the performance of the engine. Power size and regardless of, not always "heart arrest" is the most important. Now the market is full of aluminum engine is the main body!
What we call an aluminum engine is the engine that the cylinder head and the cylinder are made of aluminum. Because it is aluminum, so its advantages are obvious. First, it is a lighter weight because the weight of aluminum is lighter. Made into the engine, it will reduce the weight of the car. Compared with the same displacement cast iron engine, all-aluminum engine in the weight will be light about 20 kg. While the most direct benefit of weight reduction is fuel-efficient. Environmental protection and energy conservation in line with national policy guidance. And aluminum heat dissipation is good, so the general aluminum engine than the cast iron engine in the heat slightly better. Coupled with aluminum is easier to process. So the advantage is big drops!

Of course, the aluminum engine is not satisfactory. For example, all-aluminum engine on the issue of high temperature is very disappointing. Moreover, because the proportion of aluminum light, so the unit volume structure strength will be smaller. As a result, the volume of the aluminum engine will become larger, less than the cast iron engine compact and small size. And the corrosion resistance of aluminum is worse, because aluminum and water generated when burning is prone to chemical reactions. This is also a big drawback. Moreover, there is a little, because most of the piston is made of aluminum, so when the speed and response speed increases, the aluminum cylinder wall and aluminum piston friction coefficient will be relatively large, it will affect the engine performance.
Aluminum engine is the trend of the future of the engine, but the shortcomings of its existence, the technical staff thought of the solution, that is, the aluminum cylinder block into the cast iron, so not only to retain the aluminum The advantages of the engine, but also to solve the aluminum engine corrosion and friction coefficient of the problem. Improve its life! However, the thermal expansion rate of aluminum and iron after the combustion of fuel is not uniform, so there will be problems in the consistency of deformation, which is a major technical problem to be solved.