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Carrier fighter landing gear with high strength aluminum 7075
- 2017-12-11 11:15 -
Aircraft landing gear is an important device at the time of take-off, landing and parking of aircraft and is an important component that supports the entire weight of the aircraft. Not only does it have to withstand static loads during parking, but it also has to bear significant impact loads and fatigue loads when it landed. Therefore, there are high requirements on the material and manufacturing process of the aircraft landing gear.
Aircraft landing gear requires a higher tensile strength, but also have sufficient impact strength and fatigue resistance, while reducing the weight of the structure is necessary to improve aircraft performance, so the use of high strength and anti-crack expansion ability Materials and manufacturing processes are the preferred targets for aircraft landing gear.

High-strength aluminum 7075 fully meet the requirements of the landing gear, 7075 aluminum plate is high value-added high-end aviation aviation aluminum, is a kind of super-hard aluminum, the main alloying elements contain zinc. 7075 alloy aluminum plate with high strength and high hardness characteristics, far better than mild steel. 7075 aluminum added trace elements Zr, 7085 aluminum alloy to improve the sheer permeability, weldability, fracture toughness and corrosion resistance.
In recent years, Mingtai adhering to the industrial structure reform, the development of innovative ideas, the introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, 7075 aluminum alloy for the more high-end aluminum in the production process and its focus on product quality, can produce O state, T6 , T651 and other state, to produce the product fully meet the requirements of aerospace aluminum. Tel 0371-86628262